The SEPPIA organization focuses on arranging community meetings and education through the Internet. The organization helps the disadvantaged, seniors, mothers with children and the disabled. Community activities allow meetings that bring together neighbors and different generations.

Online education is intended for the medical staff. So far we have held 182 certified lectures and 3 international conferences. Over 3,000 learners have attended our courses. The certified lectures are accessible on the Internet. These are live lessons enabling direct communication and interaction between the teachers and learners. Hard working nurses can attend the classes from their home computer terminals. There is no need to travel which saves them time and money.

The organization is currently preparing hobby groups for hospitalized children who can meet up with friends and learn new things from their beds. The project PajamaKids connects the ill and healthy children in virtual rooms. The goal is to make sensible use of their time during the convalescence.

Address: Kamelova 3260/3 106 00 - Praha 10 Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 724 156 667